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Development history

ZONESTAR 3D printer development history

October 2013 began to develop 3D printers, in December 2013 the first one Reprap DIY 3D printer come out.

March 2014 new P802D Prusa i3DIY 3D printer, the same year into the export market. P802D become the 2014 DIY market Prusa i3 type of new models.

June 2014 launched M803 commercial 3D printer.

Launched in August 2014 P802S series Prusa i3 models.

January 2015 launched P802Y full acrylic series Prusa i3 models.

March 2015 Introduces P802M Prusa i3 models. P802M became the 2015 Prusa i3 category DIY printer new models.

May 2015 Introduces Delta Architecture D807 Series.

November 2015 launched P802M upgrade version P802N.

January 2016 launched the new P802Q all-metal series models. P802Q become 2016 annual DIY all-metal printer of the new models.

February 2016 launched the M809 commercial large-size 3D printer.

2016 April launched the profile frame of the D806 cross printer.

May 1816 launched Delta structure D810 series.

2016 July introduced the profile frame D805 models.

October 2016 launched the whole acrylic P802C series.